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I am a retired baby boomer who was born and raised in New Jersey. Had a lovely, happy childhood in a surburb that was similar to what you would see in "Peanuts." Went with family EVERY YEAR to the Jersey Shore and believe me the people in that TV show..and in the Sopranos...are NOT representative of most NJ residents. Married a widower with three boys and then had two daughters. All are now grown, and I have several step-grandchildren and one biological grandson. I worked out of my home doing medical transcription while my daughters were growing up. Now that my husband is retired, I quit the part time transcription business to stay home and keep him company. One of our daughters is still living with us and we enjoy her company, also. I have started a sideline business with my college classmate. We discovered that we each had once had an elderly relative who was called "Nana" so we decided to name the business "Nana's House and Garden." We sell items on eBay that are related to home, gardening and crafts. This blog and our website "" will be companions to our eBay store. We hope they will be informative and entertaining.

How to Use K-Cups as Seed Starters

As with most of my “brilliant ideas,” this one was copied from someone else. I first thought of using K-cup pods to start seeds when I read a Craigslist ad requesting used K-cups. The ad said to keep the cup … Continue reading

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Weed Block–Paper or Plastic? And What NOT to Use!

I hate to weed. Some people “don’t do windows” and I don’t weed.  My family and friends ask me why it takes me so long to plant my tomato seedlings when “all you have to do is dig a hole and … Continue reading

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Garden Fence; Rabbits and Voles Stay Out!

I put in the fence almost as planned (see the last post here). First, I dug a trench around the perimeter of the garden.  Then I pounded  U poles into the bottom of the trench using a rubber mallet.  It wasn’t … Continue reading

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Learning about Garden Fencing

Last spring the first two tomato plants I put in the community garden were eaten.  I planted the first one, and when I returned a few days later it was only a stub.  I planted another in its place and … Continue reading

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Winter Sowing in Milk Jugs

I am a few days late this year starting my winter sowing.  Usually I try to put out the tomato seed containers on the first day of March.  Here’s the intended schedule: March 1–Sow seeds and set containers outside April … Continue reading

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Winter Sowing–Getting Ready

Winter sowing doesn’t mean planting seeds in the snow–it’s an ingenious method of starting seeds in winter and early spring, without the need for an expensive indoor light setup. You use the sun (which is free) and repurposed containers (also … Continue reading

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My Favorite Seed Starting Method

I discovered these channel seed starting flats several years ago, and liked them much better than the commonly used plug trays.  I even used to sell them in our eBay store, but shipping costs became too much (for the extra … Continue reading

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